How We Got Started

Joe Fabo Boxing came to be as a result of the inventor wanting to find an easier way to hang a speed bag or heavy bag in his home.  Currently, all the market offers are platforms that require permanent installation by drilling into a homeś wall studs or large bulky and costly free standing units.

The inventor knew that there had to be a better way.  So he came up with utilizing a household door frame that uses leverage and a mounting apparatus to create ¨Our Patented Line of Over the Door, Speed Bag/Heavy Bag Units¨.

Our goal ¨is to provide the best, most innovative, at home boxing products in the world.¨  Working out with our boxing platforms is a great source for not only cardio exercise but also building strength, improving eye hand coordination and is proven to release stress and anxiety.  We hope to provide an alternative at home workout option for people of all demographics while also getting them to love the sport and indulge in a fun new way to stay fit without having to leave their home.